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Automatic warehouses HPiLOG

For 30 years we have been developing and manufacturing automatic warehouses and lay-out for internal logistics

Our thirty years of experience in the sector of machines for processing aluminum and PVC and process automation make us leaders in the design and development of internal logistics systems and automatic warehouses.

All the benefits of automatic warehouses


Safety and reduction of human error

Warehouse management often faces more or less serious risks and unforeseen events caused by possible accidents and injuries due to withdrawals at height, damage caused to materials due to manual maneuvers, errors due to incorrect filing.

Automatic warehouses put an end to these problems: the single point of loading / unloading greatly reduces the risk of accidents and damage to the goods because it limits their handling.‚Äč

Space optimization

Traditional warehouses require large management spaces since the area necessary for the maneuvering of the handling machinery and the passage of the workforce must also be used.

Increased productivity
Increase the storage volume

With automatic warehouses you save precious time

The HPiLOG automatic warehouses allow the reduction of material search times. No more stopping due to stock breaks or damaged materials because they are badly stored or exposed to atmospheric agents. In the design phase we provide you with realistic calculations in terms of increased productivity and economic savings.

Increased productivity
Simplify your work

With automatic warehouses, work is easier

For proper functionality of the traditional warehouse, a lot of specialized personnel with high experience and competence are needed.

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Handling 200 metal bars means taking at least 4 hours of work which translated are 880 hours in a year or 110 days of work.

Save specialized personnel
Simplify the logistics process

Which automated warehouse is ideal for you?

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